When we return from holidays or pilgrimage and in our pockets there is for example 1,54 euro left, then we wonder what can we do with it?

Exchange offices mostly do not offer any exchange of the coins. We do not know also when or if we might go abroad and if we will have a chance to use them.

'Good coins' action is the answer for this 'problem' in other words collection of money from all over the world. It is not important if donated money is currently in use or withdrawn. Every coin and banknote will be turned into helping others!

Look whom we have helped and what else do we do thanks to 'Good coin'.

What kind of coins and notes do we collect?

Money from all over the world

left in the wallet after the journey, trip or pilgrimage;

Money from the countries where it is currently paid in euro

so for example: Deutsche Mark, Lithuanian lithium or Slovak krone

Polish coins and notes from Polish People's Republic;

Damaged notes

for example the washed ones

Collector's coins

for example: silver or 2 zlotys of Nordic gold

 Polish grosz


The organizer of the action 'Good coins' is:

The Office of Foreign Missions of Sacred Heart Priests

Radzyńska 3a Street

20-850 Lublin

phone: +48 537 411 405 [email protected]

Details for money transfer:

Sekretariat Misji Zagranicznych Księży Sercanów  

ul. Radzyńska 3a 

20-850 Lublin

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. 

Bank account number PLN: 79 1600 1462 1847 3641 5000 0008 

Bank account number $: 

PL 52 1600 1462 1847 3641 5000 0009     BIC: PPAB PLPK 

Bank account number EURO: 

PL 41 1600 1462 1847 3641 5000 0013    BIC: PPAB PLPK 

For money transfer in other currencies:  

IBAN: PL 79 1600 1462 1847 3641 5000 0008     BIC: PPAB PLPK